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Did anyone ever figure out what was behind the photos of various Bush administration appointees, with Bush in the background, out of focus, giving the exact same smirk in each one? I saw another one in a story a few days ago and could hardly believe my eyes.
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He just doesn't change his face much for such occasions, I guess. Here's an animation I made of his appointments so far. You'll see some variation:

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Response by poster: Wow, thanks! That's really creepy. I wonder to what extent the facial expressions were planned, and what message it's supposed to send about his attitude towards his cabinet. Thanks again, cool animation! The Rice and González ones are almost too close for comfort though.
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Damn that is hypnotizing, brownpau.
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WOW, brownpau!!!

Ism, I think you're reading too much into this. That's probably just the way his face looks on those of occasions.
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I'm sure it's all in my head but I think that Bush always has a smirk on his face. I think he could be crying his eyes out and I could still find that smirk
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Is there something I can answer or is this just Bush bashing?

I imagine a lot of us would look the same if we stood in X spot with the photog in Y spot for many successive occasions.
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I'm sure his handlers have just coached him to smirk that way for photo-ops.
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Notice he looks kind of dubious about Kerik, though. "I thought I was getting Giuliani, WTF?"
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According to this Washington Post story ("'Machine' Politician Exposed By Photos"), those two photos were taken at the same ceremony. They're the accompanying photos for the story so you can compare 'n' contrast. I remember the print version of this story, which had about five or six eerily similar photos.
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Looks normal to me. It's the same situation each time, and that's a normal face for Bush (everyone has such a "just standing and watching" face). Perhaps we should find Clinton appointments to compare.
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Notice how the position of the picture frame in the background changes in the two that are from the same ceremony. The photographer moved to get the two shots; they might've been taken only a second apart.
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I don't think he is intentionaly smirking. He often has that expression when talking about tragedies as well.
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That's just his "proud father" face. Really nothing out of the ordinary.
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Maybe he's a android.
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