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There's-a-widget-for-that-filter: I need a write-once, run-anywhere events widget to keep the world updated on what's happening.

I run a moderately successful blog in Seoul, South Korea (for reference purposes: One of my more popular posts is an 'events' post that gets published at the beginning of every month. I'll hand-type this thing after hours of researching and formatting - and there's GOT to be an easier way.

Ideally, I want a widget (with HTML code / script people can copy and paste anywhere) that can:

A: accept new event listings from selected users (or pre-registered users)
B: be displayable with filters (location, date, price, etc.) anywhere the code is placed.
C: Write-once, run-anywhere so other bloggers can contribute and post the same widget.
D: Is free / open source.

Google Calendar is the only application I'm familiar with that MIGHT produce something like what I'm thinking about. But Hive Mind, you are smarter than that. Any help would be great. Thanks!
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Eventful and are the two players in the event space I know of.
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