Help me remember a great line from "The Wire"
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Help. Brain Freeze on line from The Wire. Woke up in the middle of the night trying to remember a link from The Wire. I believe it is the last Season at the start of an episode is in the interrogation room with a kid and says something profound/funny. I think it is the first line of episode. "The thing about being innocent..."? (maybe, not even sure about that start.). Really appreciate the help.
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I just got done marathoning the entire 5 seasons, and the only episode in the last season that starts in an interrogation room is the first one. There's nothing mentioned about being innocent, but it does have the scene where they rig up a fake lie detector using a photocopier. Are you referring to the quote that is printed on screen after the opening credits? You can find a list of those in the individual season links on Wikipedia.
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On the YouTubes...
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Thanks! A great relief.
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