Mac Accounting/Client Software - Client Tracking, Billing Hours, Invoicing?
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[FreelanceFilter] My wife is about to launch her freelance design (web, print, flash, branding) business. Never having done this, and being Mac-people, we were looking for a recommendation on a good accounting/client software package. Something that would allow client tracking, billing hours and invoicing would be helpful. What are you guys using?
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iBiz and iBank by iggsoftware are very nice for just this sort of thing.
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If you were a PC person, I'd wholeheartedly recommend QuickBooks. Unfortunately, I'm not sure if they've got a Mac version, or if you have software that allows you to run PC software on your Mac.
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Actually, we're both, and I thought of QuickBooks. But I wondered if there was something tailored specifically to freelancers.
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FWIW, I am a freelancer, and it does everything I need (tracking of hours, invoicing, banking, followups for billings, etc)
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There is a Mac version of QuickBooks.
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There is a Mac version of QuickBooks.
Here's the link for QuickBooks Pro 2005 for the Macintosh. ($300 list price)
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I have used Studiometry, and it's a good app that will probably cover what you're looking for, in terms of invoicing and tracking clients, projects and time. I never delved deeply into its accounting facilities, though, but the webpage implies that it has some kind of accounting side to it.
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For what it's worth, I think Quickbooks is awful.

I've never used iWork/iBiz, but I have heard good things.
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I am a designer and I use timefox (by functionfox) for tracking my time. It is web based so I can enter time from the road, and I like the reports it lets me generate. It is very convenient to use, which is good because if it was harder to use I would not record my time accurately.

I use quickbooks for the rest of the accounting stuff.
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I've goofed around with iBiz (ex iWork). I like it pretty well, but there are a few oddball aspects to my work situation that would involve an inordinate amount of wrasslin' to make it work. But she should look at it--nice setup and cheap.
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I see it's been said a bunch, I'm all for Quickbooks too. I also run my own freelance illustration biz as well. If I can be of any assistance about getting her feet off the ground, please let me know. (email me at
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MYOB has AccountEdge (and the introductory FirstEdge for one- or two-person businesses).

I bought FirstEdge based on good reviews, but I, errr, haven't actually used it much.
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I'll second MYOB. I use it for exactly the purposes you state and I'm in a design studio. Email is in my profile if you want more info.
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