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Is there a general mnemonics database somewhere?

Coming up with a good mnemonic is a lot of work, and some are just terrible (e.g. "rese nese mr mn" for German)

I came across the Medical Menemonics website today while searching for an answer to my question. It's great - the mnemonics seem high quality but there's one problem: I'm not a medical student, I want something more general.

Does anyone know of a general purpose mnemonics database?

Also, what strategies do you find useful for memorising sets of similar words which are not verbs or nouns? (der die das, den die das... etc as an example)
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I set lists to music whenever I can find a tune/lyrics combination that doesn't require too much fudging. The first time I recall taking this approach was in about eighth grade when I put an alphabetical list of the French verbs conjugated with etre to "Glory, Glory Hallelujah" (aller, arriver, decendre, etc.).
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Previously, previously, Google, etc.
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Here's a comprehensive site.

Mnemonic is such a cruel joke of a word, isn't it?
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