My iPod Classic won't synch properly
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iPod syncing weirdness.

After I updated to iTunes 9 the other day, my iPod (Classic, 120 GB) stopped syncing properly (my laptop is running OS 10.4.11, the iPod software is also up to date). Every time I plug it into the computer it goes through the entire (half-hour) process of syncing, but when it finishes the iPod says there is no music there. I've done this twice, and now there is 75-odd GB's worth of music somewhere on there, but none of it is accessible (i.e. the iPod claims it's empty but when I plug it into iTunes the bar at the bottom of screen indicates there is 75 BG taken up). I suspect I've somehow borked the library, but have no idea how to rectify the problem.
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I don't know about the iPod Classic but when I sync my iPhone and view it in iTunes (the same screen that's showing you the 75GB in use on yours), there's a button to reset the device to factory defaults. If that button's available, I bet it'll fix your problem.
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Response by poster: No, that didn't restored the factory settings, cleared off all the old music, synched and...there music is there/not there again.
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