How much does it cost a Canadian to send mail to a US soldier in Afghanistan?
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How much does it cost for a letter and/or a package to be sent from Canada to a US soldier deployed in Afghanistan?

Posted for a friend:

My friend's being deployed to Afghanistan next week, and I want to be able to send him mail. So I need to know how much it's going to cost to do so. Now, this would be fairly simple if he was a Canadian soldier, but he's American. I've searched, and all I can find online is how to send from Canada to Canadian soldiers or from the US to American soldiers. Does anyone know how much it is to send a letter? And a package? I can't seem to find any information from Canada Post.
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How to Mail Packages To Soldiers In Afghanistan And Iraq I think the mail is sent to an address in the US, with applicable postage.

Want to send a card to a soldier? Here's how

What to send (scroll down)

US Postal Service info

If it's an APO address, I believe you send it with whatever postage it would take the item to get from Canada to the US., with appropriate customs info for packages. Doublecheck w/ Canadian Postal Service. I got good results w/ this Google search.
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You don't send it to Afghanistan. You send it to a military dropbox in the US, and the US military delivers it to Afghanistan.
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It will cost as much as it would cost to send something to a small town in New York State called Apo.

Yes customs will be to be filled out and it will arrive in a rather timely fashion, especially this time of year but not as fast as you would want so nothing that melts or goes bad.
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Apo is not at town. APO, iirc, means Army Post Office. It is an indicator to the US Postal Service to transfer the mail to the military postal service. You drop your item in the mail with the USPS. They see the APO indicator and send your mail to the correct military receiving location. The military then delivers the mail to the soldier wherever he or she is currently located.
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It will only cost what it would to ship to the US. If you get a good Canada Post employee, casually mention that is going to a soldier in Afghanistan. The last time I sent a pkg to an American soldier, I mentioned that fact and the guy behind the counter gave me a discount.
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Frank's Compulsive Guide to Postal Addresses indicates that you may not be able to do this: "APO/FPO addresses can be used only from the USA or other areas served by the US Post Office, or from other APO/FPO addresses. Mail from elsewhere to these locations must be addressed through the town, city, and country in which the military installation is located."

You may have to drive to Buffalo or Detroit.
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