Life with online banking: possible?
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Our money management software (Quicken) is constantly getting us locked out of our online banking accounts (Keybank). Keybank is no help. Has anyone successfully conquered this?

So Quicken Online wants to get our information from Fine with us; this is why we went through the elaborate security yadda yadda ya. Not so fine with Key -- they keep locking us out, and locking Quicken out. Having to log into Key to log into Key via Quicken kind of defeats the whole purpose. Key's money management interface seems lame, although using that is our BATNA right now.

Has anyone conquered this problem, especially with Key? They even have a dedicated Quicken team, which may or may not actually exist.

(Their corporate position seems to be that yes, there's a problem, and their temporary solution is to not do anything about it.)

Also, we've already abandoned Mvelopes and Mint at different times for having the same problem, although interestingly they had the same problem with different banks/credit cards.

Finally, this is the free Quicken Online. It seems like it accesses Key whether we log in or not, which is what triggers the lockout (X number of automated logins without a ... non-automated login.) I can't figure out how to change this, and I don't know if it would help.
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FWIW, it is not just Quicken Online, apparently. So before anybody else suggests that you try instead, there is this thread re: Mint, which describes your exact scenario. It doesn't look like anyone has come up with a fix or workaround yet, either.
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Weird. Seems like it should be possible to script a login process that mimics web browser usage via wget. The receiving server doesn't really know what type of client is using it unless it's told.
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