CluelessAuntFilter: Help me bond with my 6 year old nephew in Vancouver today
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CluelessAuntFilter: Help me bond with my 6 year old nephew in Vancouver today!


I am spending the day with my 6 year old nephew today.

He likes Lego, Star Wars, Lego Star Wars (of course), Wii Lego Star Wars (shocking), and jet fighters.

I'd like to go somewhere and spend a pleasant, memorable day with him. We are in Vancouver BC and have a car.

Bonus points for:
- something his 10 year old sister might also enjoy
- something where he learns something empowering

Also - where is the biggest, baddest Lego store in Vancouver?

Thanks! And a six year old boy thanks you too!
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I don't know about the lego part of your question other than the standard toy shops. Science World is a great outing for both ages though. Lots of cool interactive stuff you could spend hours investigating.
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Vancouver Aquarium
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How about a ride on the skytrain and then on the seabus? When you're at the Quay, take a break for some ice cream and then retrace you're adventure.
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I was going to suggest Science World, too.
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I came to suggest Science World as well. If he lives here he's probably already seen it (school field trips), but the exhibits change all the time, and it's cool for grown ups too.
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There's a skating rink downtown at Robson Square that just re-opened. It's free to use and they rent skates for $3. I'm pretty sure it's under the dome so you can do it even in the rain.
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Kaboodles is in the same complex, along with a bunch of other toy stores. I think it's called Kids Market.
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despite the rain it might also be fun to check out the most interesting icecream place in town: La Casa Gelato (1033 Venables st). About 300 flavours; "tasting with an option to buy".

Heavily seconding science world - you can even take a water taxi between science world and granville island (
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There's a water park in Stanley Park, just north of the aquarium if I recall correctly. That's a great area for 6-to-10-year-olds, and close to other attractions such as the sea wall and the duck pond.

Seconding Science World. And, if you have a museum membership in your home city, chances are good it can be used for free admission (part of a reciprocal agreement they have with other major museums in Canada.)

Can't help with the Lego specifically, but there is a good toy store on Main called Voltage that is worth checking out.
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We went to Science World and the kids had a blast! We all really enjoyed the hands-on activities. The kids were engaged and learning for three whole hours. What a fantastic place.

The six year old boy was especially fascinated by a pair of hand-cranked, belt-driven propellers mounted on a rotating platform that moves on kid power. He also like a vacuum tube that shoots out plastic balls.

They both liked the jigsaw puzzle where missing bones have to be placed into a skeleton cutout before the buzzer goes off. There was also a Wii ski game, some stations to test flexibility, strength, and reaction time.

We also played in the construction room with a rollercoaster set, a "fun with magnets" set, a bucket of blocks, etc.

It really made a lasting impression. Thanks MeFites!!!

Coda: We went home and made lasagna together. It's bubbling now in the oven. After dinner I'll show them how to make popcorn from scratch, and initiate them to the magic of "Magic Shell" on ice cream.
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