Help the fashion clueless dress for a wedding!
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Dress Filter: I've never been to a wedding before. Help me figure out what to wear!

So, this is my first big wedding that I've been to. It is in December, in Michigan, so warmth is a factor (although it will obviously be inside, but I've been told there will be moving between buildings). The ceremony is at 4pm. I had picked out this dress to wear with some sparkly shoes and dark tights, but the website changed collections before I could order it. It seems like they have an archive section, but it hasn't been added there yet, so I thought I might call customer service and see if there was anything they could do on that front (I really loved that dress).

But, if that isn't a possibility, help me pick another dress. Some info about me: I'm 5'11, a size 14/16 (in the process of losing weight) which I carry disproportionately in my tummy (although Spanx help!), and I have dark brown hair, brown eyes, and light skin. I'm hoping not to spend more than $150 (poor college student), though for the right dress I will (especially if it's something I can wear again to special occasions). Bonus points for matching shoes (size 11) and/or wraps/accessories. So, help me Hive Mind! :-)
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it's a pretty dress you chose. with eshakti, I would contact them and ask to see if it's available. Otherwise, they might also be able to help you figure out how to customize one of their available dresses to come closer to the original dress.
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I recommend wearing shoes that you will be comfortable in for several hours. You may be standing for long periods, you may be sitting for long periods, you may be dancing. So judge accordingly. I also wear size 11, so I feel your pain, in at least as far as finding shoes that fit--though Zappos has been a godsend in that department.

The dress is nice; just try to order it with plenty of time to spare so you can exchange it in time and not feel stressed.
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That is a beautiful dress! I love your choice! I envision it with a black wrap or pashmina (seem to be sold everywhere these days or pretty much anywhere they sell scarves). I also picture it with silver jewelry--maybe silver dangly earrings and a silver bracelet.

Personally, I'd play around with different color tights and shoes--trying nude, black sheer and no tights with sparkly silver or black heels.

My best suggestion is to go with what makes you feel great!
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You might want to find out the brand/designer of the dress and try to find it elsewhere - even ebay. You might get lucky and find someone there selling a new one in your size (or nearly new if you're not averse to that).

I've done this with shoes, and going along with computech's suggestion to wear comfy shoes, if you have a brand you like and find comfortable, check on e-bay for others of that brand in your size. You might find a dressy pair that would work well with your dress. I had a favorite pair of pumps in my closet and checked out e-bay and was thrilled to find two pairs of boots and another pair of pumps in that brand in my size - all brand new (and a great price).
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That dress you picked is beautiful. Definitely go for it if you can get some help through their customer service. If that doesn't work out, another place you might look is Shabby Apple. They have a lot of nice dresses that are more unique. Also, don't forget a cardigan or shawl (if you go with a sleeveless dress and get easily cold) and also a coat that looks okay with a dress.
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I am a similar size as you, and I bought this dress to wear to my brothers wedding. I got lots of compliments and the pictures turned out well. I like the dress you picked, but if it doesnt work out for you, I encourage you to try on this one.
I wore a pashmina from nordstroms and these shoes from zappos. also, really comfy and good to walk and dance in.
I, too, was concerned about being warm enough, but all the people in the church and reception hall warmed up the place.
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A cardigan is a great idea for wearing indoors. Cashmere would be my first choice. If you don't have cashmere, buy a fine knit, dressy cardigan in a solid color to compliment your dress and sew on crystal buttons.

Trench coats go with anything. A satin trench coat can be worn to formal events. Also consider a velvet coat or faux fur.

Check out the dresses on Overstock.

I like this dress from BodenUSA. I am tall as well and I think this would look great on tall people. If you have an hourglass shape I wouldn't wear this empire style. Since it sounds like you have more of an apple shape it will look great and camouflage the tummy area. Add sparkly drop earrings, like these or these.
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This might be the most obvious statement, but I've seen it happen enough times to mention: guests should not wear white or cream dresses to a wedding. (just in case).

I love the idea of renting a dress, especially since you mentioned you were losing weight. I have no idea what their prices are like but this website looks neat.
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Best answer: Yo, fellow tall girl.
Is that an Adrianna Papell? It's lovely! I absolutely SET on getting a beaded dress by her for the wedding I attended in October (which I also posted about dressing for and accessorizing here, if it's any help). Her dresses are gorgeous, and I know Dillards, Macy's, Nordstrom, and Lord and Taylor offer her dresses (perhaps they have past designs in store on sale), and there's TONS of her stuff on ebay, so look there if you're determined. They run a bit small however, so buy a size up than you would normally if you do find one you like online. I couldn't find any of hers I liked in Boston stores, and ended up getting a random dress at Filene's Basement on the cheap, if that's an option for you.

I recommend these shoes from or (I don't think zappos had my size at the time, but they have that shoe.) Being 5'11 as well, I didn't really want to be hugely boosted up; they're one of the lowest heels I could find. They are also amazingly comfortable. The heel like on the wide-ish side, which meant no wobblyness. I stood and danced constantly in them for hours. Skip the tights if you go with sandals, however.
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Maybe this is a bit "duh", but the dress you have chosen is perfect for your body shape because it is tight just under the boobal region and loose over the tummy. Keep looking for that!

My most successful outfits have always been based around a simple and not too froofy dress combined with really great accessories.
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rglass is right - do not wear tights - much too casual - you need to go with a sheer nude hose or a sheer black - either will look great with that dress and a "dressy shoe" but tights are not for dress up wear.
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