I really don't want to pay $168 for shoes.
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Help me find less expensive shoes!

Has anyone seen cheaper versions of shoes like these that I can order online?

Also, I don't know what these kinds of shoes are called, so giving me hints about some good search terms would also be super helpful.

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I would call those ankle booties (lace-up, with a low heel). Here's what I found, from least expensive to most, on endless.com, which has free overnight shipping and an awesome return policy:

DV by Dolce Vita Blast Boot
MIA Backstage Oxford (more of a shoe than a boot, but you might like it)
Bc Footwear Stormy Weather Lace Up Bootie
Kelsi Dagger Tropez Casual Lace Up Bootie
Steve Madden Tytin (I'd change out the laces on these; they're sort of weirdly chunky for this shoe)
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For your search terms, I'd call it an ankle boot. You can find things like this and this at Zappos in this search.
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Piperlime: similar, similarish

Zappos: very similar

When in doubt, check out these sites and start narrowing it down by what you want.

Man, I used to wear shoes just like that in the early 90s when I was a kid. My mom had some, too. She probably still has them. Hmm... Perhaps it's time for a trip to eBay for them.
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On preview, what dilettante said.
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ooh, cute boots. i would go vintage, online - ebay. check out tags with military or granny.
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6pm.com is my favorite place to get good shoes for cheaper than Zappos. Here's a search that finds what you're looking for and sorts them by price. You can refine the search further with the categories at the top.
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Ebay, Steve Madden, Forever 21, Topshop, Nine West, DSW, Asos.

I checked Modista for you but it didn't come up with anything too similar. If you can't find anything similarly cool (because these shoes are pretty awesome), maybe you should just wait? They're sure to be on sale at UO at some point. Good luck!!
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