Because the Librarian Action Figure is overdone
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Librarians: what do you want for gifts this holiday season? (Not at your libraries, but you personally).

I have several librarians or librarians-to-be in my life. Including a law-librarian-to-be. Any ideas on genius gifts for Christmas? I've looked here and here, but neither seem to fit the bill. First of all, the law-librarian-to-be is male. Second, he has a healthy sense of sarcasm/overall sense of humor. So, I need something either practical or amusing, but not something too cutesy, if that's a word. As evidence of his overall devotion/nerd-dom, I must say that he has impressive recall of small details of the Library of Congress K classmark for law [PDF].

Your ideas and witty library gift ideas (hopefully moderately priced) are much appreciated!
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Does it have to be a library-themed gift? If not, seems like it would have a few choice gifts for your nerdy, sarcastic giftee.
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I gave my wife a card catalog that came out of her college library. It works well as canned good storage.
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The Onion Store has some fun stuff.
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I really want a card catalog so I can turn it into a bar.
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On a librarian's salary, I'd really appreciate a luxury item that I usually can't afford; doesn't have to be terribly expensive, but a nicer brand wine or liquor would be nice, or a facial. Depends what the person is into.
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Unshelved, the go-to library webcomic for me, sells museum-quality prints.

He might appreciate this one, but I don't think he should display it at work.
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Also, partly because I think it's hilarious that a bibliocomic's search engine doesn't support booleans or wild cards, here's a link to the comic search I ran.
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Well I'm a librarian, and I personally would not want any library/librarian themed presents. Books on the other hand, are always welcome. As is booze :) So I'd go for things that these people would actually enjoy, outside of work.

If you really want library related ideas pay for a membership at LibraryThing, or for Delicious Library. After verifying that they don't already use one or the other.
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I'll tell you one thing I *don't* want: that Nancy Pearl librarian action figure. That is way overplayed.
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I'll tell you another thing I don't want: one of those bullshit 'personal-library' kits, with the second-rate due-date stamp and hokey stickers.
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Gift card for Amazon. My wish list is never, ever empty.
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