One day in Fresno, let's have fun!
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How should I spend my afternoon in/near Fresno next weekend?

I'll be in Fresno for about 7 hours next Saturday and I'm looking for something to occupy myself. My usual fallback activity is browsing yarn shops and drinking coffee, but I'm open to other types of stuff, including a driving tour or something. Is Sequoia National Park too far away? What else would you suggest?
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Best answer: Kings Canyon is beautiful and the last half of the drive is quite scenic besides, I'm pretty sure four hours in the car is preferable to four hours in Fresno.
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Fresno grotto aka Forestiere Underground Gardens.
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Ahhh, the Underground Gardens are closed in December. If by next Saturday you mean the 5th then you're out of luck. Which is a shame, because they're absolutely lovely and fascinating.
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Response by poster: Oops, yes, I mean December 5. That's too bad.
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Definitely head out of town and go to one of the state parks or even Yosemite.
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Best answer: Kings Canyon is closed for the winter. I recommend Grant Grove over Sequoia for you. Shorter straighter road.
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notned not sure what your talking about Kings Canyon and Sequoia National forest are open 365 days.
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It's confusion with the names. The actual Kings Canyon is at the end of a long drive that is indeed very scenic. Grant Grove is a part of Kings Canyon park that is as you say open 365 days.
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Meant to say the long drive to the actual Kings Canyon is on Hwy 180. If you check Caltrans road conditions, you'll see the closure.
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Response by poster: I ended up first driving to Grant's Grove in Kings Canyon NP. The ride was nice and scenic, it took maybe 90 minutes. Then I still had about 4 hours to kill so I bit the bullet and drove down the General's Highway to Sequoia NP, then took 198/99 back to Fresno. That was cool except for the last winding parts after it got dark (white-knuckled at times). I made it back to the airport just in time. If I had it to do over I would have budgeted enough time to stop at In-N-Out Burger.

Thanks all!
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