What's the name of this British tv show?
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Help, I can't remember the name of this reality tv show. A British Asian doctor (lady) berates an unhealthy person about their lifestyle.

The doctor shows the unhealthy person what's happening inside their body and what will happen if they continue their bad habits. Usually the unhealthy person will be a smoker and drinks a lot.
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Do you mean You Are What You Eat, presented by Gillian McKeith (not Asian, not a real doctor, obsessed with faeces)?
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Does it have something to do with finding out what their "real age" is? It seems familiar to me.
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Make My Body Younger.
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Best answer: Turn Back Your Body Clock.
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Response by poster: elsietheeel, that's it.
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I know. :)

I've watched more British health-based reality TV than any sane person should.
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