I'm going back to cali
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On my flight back form Jamaica to Hawaii I have a layover in Los Angeles from 10PM Friday night to 8AM the next morning What can I do with myself for 10 hours.

I was thinking of renting a car and driving around, so that I can keep my luggage close, I haven't been in LA since 1993) . what can I do overnight that won't make me miss my flight home.
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Part of my LAX ritual is .... Pann's!

You'll be cutting it close (They close at 11pm, open at 7:00am) but it's 10 minutes from LAX.

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This is what airport hotels are made for.
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And to get a good bargain on a hotel near the airport, get to the Traveler's Aid booth in the International Arrivals building -- somebody is usually there until 11PM (but not Sunday nights) and they can point you to the best deals. Dunno about renting a car that late -- the car rental booths tend to become unoccupied as the night wears on. But if you can get a car, cruise the late-night streets of Hollywood, like maybe Sunset Blvd, or Melrose -- you'll spot the occasional all-night place there, still open.
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Response by poster: I would rather not just sleep
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If you do get a car, you could head to downtown and grab a bite at The Original Pantry, which is about as historic a place as you're likely to find in all of LA. I remember hearing a story (apocryphal) that the place had closed twice since it opened: for 15 minutes when Roosevelt died, and for 15 minutes after the Kennedy assassination.
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Go see a midnight movie on Hollywood Blvd - see it at Gruman's Chinese Theatre - perhaps the most famous theatre in the world, and also one of the most beautiful theatres too.

That is the center of the tourist area of Hollywood Blvd, with all the stars in the sidewalk.

If you only have time to sample on aspect of LA culture, it should be movies and Hollywood Blvd - I mean, that is what LA is best known for.
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Maybe go to the beach?
I was on layover there for about 4 hours, and on the way out I realized how close the beach was. The weather was perfect. Since you're going to be awake anyway, maybe see the sunrise? When are you flying? http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/astronomy.html?n=137
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Response by poster: Lex, that sounds good a little local late night culture in an all night diner.
Flood I lived in LA previously, avoiding tourist is something I strive for.
aeighty Thank you but I live in Hawaii and will be coming back from Jamaica, beaches are no longer a big deal to me

Are they no moonlight museum tours, great jazz or jam clubs that are open into the wee hours, do you know of a movie being shot overnight that I can jump into as an extra.
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I am really struggling to think of something worth doing in that timeframe.

What you do NOT want to do, trust me, is get involved in Hollywood club traffic on a Friday night after getting off a long flight. You might be able to find something interesting along Main Street in Venice- at least it's fairly close to the airport. It's not a huge thrill, but you can pick up a really good burrito from Holy Guacamole and walk around a bit.

Unfortunately L.A. goes to bed pretty early for such a big city. I'm sure there are still underground-type dance clubs somewhere that stay open past 2, but I am not really up on that scene.
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On further reflection, The Nuart in West L.A. shows classic movies at midnight on Friday.
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