How Can Wordpress Easily Provide A Voting and Commenting View For 5 Page Layout Possibilities?
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How can I allow anonymous users to access "Media" wordpress pages (ie a jpg image) so that it appears to anonymous users the same way as it appears to admins?

Right now, when I create a media item, I can view it as admin by going through the Media then clicking on view, eventually I end up at which is a nice reduced version of the image (which can be clicked to appear large), and which has the nice feature that there is a place to leave comments at the bottom.

This is great - for administrators. But I want anonymous users to be able to look at 5 different, fairly similar images, and make comments on the pages separately. So I'd like for the anonymous users who navigate to to find the same page the way it looks to admins. But when going to that URL as an anonymous user, I get "Sorry, no posts matched your criteria" instead of the image with comment form.

So, how can I enable this permission for anonymous users? If this is not possible, please rephrase the question as, "What is the best way to use Wordpress to get a bunch of anonymous people to vote on 5 different layouts and also to be able to comment on each of them separately, as I am trying to do at ? (None of these are public URLs, please don't link to them.)

Do I need to create a page for each of those separate layouts and then use HTML to link to the variously-sized versions of the images?

Thanks very much.
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Response by poster: FYI here is the answer:
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