Shared Flickr set?
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How do I make a shared Flickr set?

I recently went on a trip with a friend and we are both putting up our photos on Flickr. I'd like to create a shared set where we can merge our photos.

Is the group the best/only way to do this? Can we organize the photos (by date) once they are added to the group? This is important since I want the photos to synch up regarding their settings.

I thought the group was meant for ongoing interests...

Thanks for your help-
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maybe make a gallery? your friend can just post their photos and you can add them to the gallery in whatever order you like. only 18 photos at a time, though.
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A gallery won't work for this, because you can't add your own photos. (They're only meant for curating other people's work.) You could each have your own set, and just put links to each other's in the descriptions, but it sounds like that doesn't quite meet your needs. I think you either need a group, or to set up an external blog to include both.
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You won't be able to do this with Groups. I would suggest you and your friend make a new joint account, then you could:

1.) Click "Organize & Create" at the top.
2.) Click "Sets & Collections" at the top.
3.) At the top left "Create a new: collection or set", click "set" and name it "Our Trip" or whatever...
4.) Use Flickr Uploadr (recommended external desktop program, easy to use; but there are other methods) to batch upload you and your friend's photos on separate computers to the newly created set.
5.) (Back in the browser in "Organize") click on your set, in the "Arrange" drop down menu, click "Arrange by date taken"
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Create a flickr group.
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