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Can you please help me translate this phrase: cominciâ a butâ da bande, ce che ho ai dentri e nol è gno Thank you very much!
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this is not exactly Italian, it seems more like some northern dialect. Where does it come from?
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It looks like Italian to me, but it doesn't make a lot of sense. So, I used Google translate to auto-detect the language and it, too, selected Italian and this is what I got: "Buta gangs began, there I have to sign in and NOL and..." Some of those words look off, like "dentri" should probably be "dentro" and "nol" might have been "noi"? I can speak it better than I can read or write the language, but the accents on "comincia" and "buta" probably shouldn't be there.
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Response by poster: I saw that written somewhere, I think it's from a lyric of a song. I believe it is Italian, and perhaps local language is Friulian?
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Ok, I did some research. It's not Italian, it's Friulian.

It's a lyric from a song by Luigi Maieron, a Friulian singer, who sings in dialect (actually, Friulian, or Lenghe Furlane, is thought to be a language on its own, it also has its own wikipedia version!)
The song title is Anime Femine (Female Soul) from a 1998 album of the same name, and the line means: "(to) Start throwing away what I have inside and is not mine".
A few other songs (but not this one) are on his myspace page.
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I don't speak Friulian, but I speak Trentino dialect which is fairly similar to both Venetian and Friulian.

In Trentino that would be something like "scominzia a butar da na banda, quel che g'ho denter che nol e' mio," _dario's translation is correct. Literally, it's more like "start tossing to the side" rather than "throwing away" but that's the general gist of it.
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