i need to buy some hemp material
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Does anyone know where to buy Hemp linen material at a good price and reliable supplier. I have a project coming up and need about 20 yards by next week. Light weight natural linen is what i am looking for.
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The only place I've bought hemp fabric from is Dharma Trading. I've had various people recommend Hemp Traders, Hemp Basics, and Near Sea Naturals, although I've never ordered from any of them. (Fabric dot Com sometimes has hemp fabric -- right now all they have is blends, though.)
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Yes, Dharma Trading
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Hemp? or lightweight linen? Gray Lines Linen has a huge selection of linen.
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Not sure what you mean by "hemp linen", but my favorite place to buy linen is http://www.fabrics-store.com/.

As mentioned above, Dharma Trading does carry some hemp fabric. They are also a good source as long as you only need white or natural fabric, as their stuff is meant to be dyed.
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