Something to watch while exercising?
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Looking for good video blogs to watch while riding my exercise bike ... especially any indie game review video blogs!

My flatmate has a great exercise bike that is positioned such that I can't get comfortable playing my PSP while I'm on it. The CD rack right next to the bike makes a great laptop stand, so I was watching Australian MasterChef episodes on it while sweating away. I'm not really interested in the Celebrity version of the show, so I was hoping for a weekly video blog/review or something similar.

I remember seeing a great indie review video blog that I bookmarked, right before my laptop failed. But I'll take any recommendations, food, music, tv shows etc.


PS not sure if video "blog" is the right term...

PPS If you make a bideo blog or whatever, feel free to share, don't be shy!
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zero punctuation. Short but worthy. The escapist has some other things that may tickle your fancy.
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Also ABC iview has a metric shittonne of stuff. If you're Aussie, your isp may not even count the downloads.
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Revision 3's Bytejacker seems to be exactly what you are looking for, and there is a metric crapton of other video on that site to keep your mind busy while you bang out the klicks.

FWIW, I watch Top Gear episodes when I'm on my bike, the fast car segments keep me pushing hard, and the laughs keep my mind off how tired I am.
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Angry Video Game Nerd isn't for new titles, but is good for reliving video game nostalgia, even if you don't care for the attempts at humor. Plus, there's a lot of videos to blow through.

Speaking of pop culture nostalgia, check out Nostalgia Chick. (Maybe "Nostalgia Critic" on that same site, as well, although I find his videos too outright annoying to sit through.)

Not video game reviews, but really fun anyway: The Legend of Neil and The Guild.
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Response by poster: Swimbikerun - bytejacker is the one Iw as talking about.

I should stress I'm open to video blogs of any kinds that peoplefind entertaining...
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EEVBlog is hilarious if you're interested in tinkering with electronics. Really funny and enthusiastic guy.
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