Help tracking down 80's young adult horror novel series "Twilight"
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Some time in the 80's one of the American publishing houses put out a series of horror novels for young adult readers, called "Twilight." I assume they're out-of-print, but am having an impossible time finding them in secondhand stores or on the internet. Does anyone remember them and have more information about them which might help me track some down? [+]

i owned all of them, but they disappeared one of the times my parents moved after high school. i remember only bits and pieces from most of them. for example, in one (with a white haired girl in leather pants on the cover) there's a witch named mirella. in one about vampires, one of the vampires is described as always having cold hands as if he'd just fished the last beer out of a cooler full of melted ice. unlike romance novels (and other series), the author credit was different from book to book and there were no carry-overs of character from one book to the next. as i recall, there were no tie-ins of any kind (no diaries, no sticker packs, no t-shirts). they dealt with all the usual spooks: witches, vampires, reincarnation, clairvoyance, with a healthy dose of teen angst (and car crashes and fights with parents and crushes on the wrong boys) tossed in.
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Using OCLC, I'm finding a series publised by Dell in the early-mid 80s called "Twilight." Some of the titles include The Haunted Dollhouse by Susan Blake ("Jessica tries to save herself and her mother from a mystery of death and despair that surrounds an old, run-down seaside inn that has become their new home"), The Avenging Spirit by E Stevenson ("A young girl awakens the spirit of a long-dead girl who seeks revenge on her killer.") and The Twisted Room by Janet Patten Smith ("The ghost of a young girl haunts an old mansion where her father still lives, and a new girl in town tries to help reunite the two so that the girl can rest in peace.").

Do these sound familiar?
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(Er, the author of The Twisted Room is actually Janet Patton Smith.)

If this is, in fact, the series, it looks like you can get at least some of them through Amazon, searching by ISBN number. I can email you the results of my OCLC search (26 books) if you want.
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Response by poster: oh yes! absolutely those sound like the right books. please do email me the ISBNs (crush at onastick dot net); that will make it so much easier. thanks so much!
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Email sent. Let me know if you don't get it.
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Bookfinder has plenty of results for The Twisted Room. If you know the titles or authors, you can probably find more there or at similar sites.
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