What are some good, free, online writers' forums?
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Looking for good, free online writers' forums to try and promote a magazine project I'm working on. Where on the web do poets and short story writers tend to congregate, and how can I reach that audience (preferably without spending any money)?
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I run a (self-link) online poetry workshop, though only a small, small percentage of the work on there is near publishable (it's pretty much overrun by teen angst and love, but there are some gems). Feel free to post it to the forum.
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Best answer: Wow. Not much action here. There are a lot of online communities, though. I have visited writing.com but can't get past the horrendous site design. Piker Press, Blank Page, Creative Writers Unite, and Forward Motion all have forums. Check them out for yourself, since I haven't liked any of them enough to take up residence. Also, NaNoWriMo's forums are active even in the off-season.
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