Thanksgiving for the very busy.
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What can we do in Chicago for Thanksgiving dinner considering I have no time or reason to prep and cook a feast?

I just started a new job that requires my near constant presence at work every day this week except Thanksgiving. And, it's just me and my husband (who doesn't eat turkey at all) for the day this year. Should we go out to eat instead? I'm definitely missing the celebration time with my family, so I'd like to do something a little more special than ordering pizza. Where should we go in Chicago?
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I usually cook something special but fast that I wouldn't usually make. Last year's Christmas dinner was crepes, various cheeses, meats, potato pancakes, creme fraiche and caviar. None of it was hard or time consuming to prepare but it was special because it's not something I'd do every day.
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Try Silver Seafood in Uptown. It's a very ethnic (i.e., not Americanized) Chinese restaurant that attracts mostly Chinese patrons (and Jews, on Christmas). They have a fascinating menu and it has a very different feel than any other Chinese restaurant I've ever visited.
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If you haven't seen it, here is a list of restaurants doing Thanksgiving dinners in Chicago this year. My family went to Ann Sather one year for Christmas dinner and it was delicious, festive, and affordable. I'd definitely recommend Ann Sather if you're thinking of going out--it looks as if they have alternative entree options (salmon, roast beef, spinach lasagna) for those who don't want turkey.
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Oooh, seconding Ann Sather. I've never actually been to one of Ann's holiday dinners, but I love love love the place for breakfast/lunch. It's Lakeview's most adorable neighborhood institution. The past few years I've been secretly hoping I'll wind up without any family thanksgiving dinner to attend so I can try out AS, but no luck so far.
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My family and I enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner at Harry Caray's Restaurant a couple of years ago. They offer traditional Thanksgiving dishes as well as those of the non-Turkey persuasion.
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Similar to the list posted by Meg_Murry, a friend of mine who lives in Chicago recommends looking at this list on Metromix.
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Happy Chef in Chinatown. Or any of the nicer restaurants in Chinatown for that matter.
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The only turkey I've ever had was the kind on sandwiches. It has always been BBQ duck from Chinatown from BBQ King in the plaza on Thanksgiving.
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I'll third Anne Sathers for Thanksgiving! I went with a group of friends one year and it was great! (Do not miss the cinnamon rolls.) I'd also like to put in a plug for one of my favorite restaurants in my neighborhood, Big Jones. Check out their 11/26 menu.
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If you want to splurge, (well, you did say "special") I hear the thanksgiving dinner at "the 95th" (top floor of the Hancock Building) is a fabulous upscale buffet. They even let you take home leftovers, which really makes it Thanksgiving. Since it is buffet style, you should have plenty of choices besides turkey, and an amazing view of the city to boot. Hopefully, reservations are still available.
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