Jean Genie?
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I'm looking for black, size 18 jeans. But I'm really, really picky...

These jeans must be black. Like, blackity, black, black...not dark rinsed.

Rise should be "just below waist." No mom jeans, no "how the heck do you wear underwear with these" jeans.

Leg should be straight (but not narrow). No bootcut, no flare, but not skinny jeans either. Like the totally standard jean leg that existed in that brief period in the 90s after "pegged" but before bootcut.

I don't want to spend more than $40, but would consider it for really, really amazing jeans.

Added problems: my waist is small compared to my hips and booty. Curve-friendly is a plus. Also, I'm 5'10" and prefer tall or long inseam.

I'm not sure these jeans exist. Maybe I should start trying on men's jeans?
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Oops, should have mentioned I meant a US 18. And with shipping being so expensive these days I'm looking for US-centric stores.
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Gap is pretty good for regular/normal/not mom Jeans at size 18. You usually have to get them off of the website, but a cursory search turns these up, maybe a little to flared at the ankle for you, but they might work.

Torrid might also have what you're looking for, and a bonus is that if there's a store near you, you can try them on before you buy, but in my experience, their close are very "plus-sized" cut, which means they look good on women who are sized 20 and up, but sort of poofy and weird for women in the 14-18 range, who tend to still have the curves of women size 12 and below but are just larger.
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their close? Good lord I need more coffee. Their clothes.
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I understand you have a stated limit on the item, but have you looked into tailoring your jeans? I hear that this can get tricky, depending on what you want taken in or let out, and if you want the original hem or things of that sort, but it might be the way to get your perfect jeans.
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Have you tried Old Navy? They do have blackity-black jeans, and I've been pleasantly surprised at how well mine fit. (I wear an 18 Short myself, though never in a million years would I have thought that my 5'7" self had short legs, so you should be able to find something in your length.)

Honestly, I had no idea that they had multiple styles within each waist category (this "flirt/diva/sweetheart/goddess" thing is stupid, but at least I have something that fits). Whatever the hell style I'm wearing right now is quite straight. It may be the skinny jean, it may be the boot cut (as opposed to the crazy flare, which they also offer). I'm very pleased that they're nice and plain, though, and I'm usually pretty picky too.

Added bonus: they're wearing very well, much better than my previous mainstay from Tommy hilfiger.
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Chadwicks. Currently in stock in black 18T, but that's a size that goes fast. 18 reg might be OK, though -- Chadwick's trousers run long, dunno if their jeans do.

You may want to look at plus-size clothiers, too. (Jessica London, etc). They usually have sizes down to 14W, and are often a better fit for curvy w/small waist.
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If you want to go the Old Navy route I can confirm that their "bootcut" jeans are pretty darn straight legged right now. You should be able to find black size 18 jeans in the store no problem.

New York and Company also is carrying a straight leg jean, I am unsure if it comes in black though. They DO go up to an 18.

Calvin Klein's plus size "skinny" jeans are not very skinny in my opinion, so that may be an option as well, but over your $40 limit (I think they run $70 in plus size).

Is there a Macy's near you? They should have a lot of plus sized jeans options there. Torrid probably won't have straight legs. Lane Bryant might, but I haven't been in one in about a year.
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I have these (not in plus size, so YMMV) and they are great, and pretty baggy in the leg.
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JCPenney's online women's denim shop lets you browse by cut, color, rise, etc. And most of their items fall at or near your price point.
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I got a pair of Gloria Vanderbilt jeans at JCPenny's, and they are very black. If there's one around you, be sure to check there.
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Old Navy and Gap are my staples. I am 5'8" and take a regular in both stores, and sometimes Old Navy's regular length is a little long on me. They carry jeans up to size 20 in their stores, and short and tall lengths up to size 18, so you can try them on first.

I currently have a pair of size 18 Old Navy "skinny" jeans, but the leg on them is more of a straight leg than a skinny leg. They cut the leg opening bigger as their sizes get bigger, I think. Old Navy black jeans are very black and they don't fade much if you wash them inside out. I have a pair that's a couple of years old and it still looks pitch black after much washing and wearing.
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I'm a fan of these Avenue jeans. I can vouch for the waistline, leg cut and color. I'm quite happy with them.
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How about custom order jeans? They are surprisingly cheap.
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Thanks all! Old Navy is usually my go-to, but I keep missing the 18 tall jeans in black. I want these but I'm out of luck size-wise.

I'm willing to tailor for fit if I have to, but I'm not even finding anything close. I am just out of phase with fashion right now.

I looked around the usual plus-size places, but they all kind of lean toward the "mom jean" style. I'm actually wearing Avenue jeans right now...comfy as heck, but they look dowdy on me since I carry most of my weight below the hips. (Side rant: is it just me, or is all plus size stuff designed for "apple" shapes? What about us "pears"?)

Cogito, I'm intrigued by the custom order. Have you ever actually used them?
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Oh, and I didn't realize Gap went to 18...gonna put that on my list.
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Lane Bryant's "right fit" jeans (the blue model) are a godsend if you are disproportionately small in the waist and have problems with gapping in the back. They do have a straight leg model, and tall sizes. I don't own any of the black ones, but you may be able to check them out in a brick-and-mortar store to see if they are black enough. And if they aren't, would dying them be an option? Also, the regular price is probably more than you want to spend, but you can usually find coupon codes on the web for online ordering. Fashion Bug also offers the right fit line at a lower price point, but in my experience it's hit or miss whether they have what you want in terms of size/color/fit etc. in stock at any given point in time.
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Kohl's Daisy Fuentes line.
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