Woman's Fashions of the Late !930s
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Mrs Raybun watched the 1937 version of The Women and loved the fashion show sequences. What other late 1930s movies that showcase woman's fashions of the period would she enjoy watching?
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Here's a book that might help you program a personal film fest for her!
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Roberta! It's about a Paris couture house, so has plenty of over-the-top fashion show sequences. It is a musical, I don't know how much she likes those.
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Many of the movies that prolific costume designer Adrian worked on would be worth viewing for the clothes. I have found the outfits he designed for some of Joan Crawford's and Greta Garbo's films to be particularly fabulous.

Adrian did the gowns for The Women, and created the ruby slippers for The Wizard of Oz.
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She might enjoy The Thin Man movies based on the Dashiell Hammett novels. They are set in the mid-30's and feature a well-heeled woman that marries a rakish, but charming guy from society's opposite end. They solve crimes. But the series is known mostly for the witty banter and eyebrow raising references that fly between the two almost non-stop. Think Moonlighting, but with more clever dialogue that holds up better. Downright racy for the time. Won the big Oscars that year too.

Oh yeah, and the clothes. Lots of fancy society party sequences. As an architect, I enjoyed it in much the same way for the architecture and interior design tastes of the time.
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That Touch of Mink (1937?) has a great set of fashion sequences. If I remember rightly, they're also the only thing in the whole movie in color.
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The Palm Beach Story is both wildly funny and features Claudette Colbert in a series of outfits that are just amazing. There is a striped suit that is incredible, not to mention her gowns, etc.
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There is no specific fahion sequence, but she might like Marie Antoinette. Adrian did all the gowns for that one too, and they are amazing.

I too love those kinds of movies, I'll be watching this question!
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My Man Godfrey (1936), the best screwball comedy ever made.
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Though it was made in the 50s, Singing in the Rain has a great 1920s fashion sequence.
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It's a little past your period, but Designing Woman from 1957. Gregory Peck is a sportswriter. Lauren Bacall is a designer. They fall in love and marry -- after meeting on vacation -- but when they return to New York and their "real" lives, chaos ensues.
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If you want to visit the 1930s WTF couture house, watch any of Marlene Dietrich's films directed by Josef Von Sternberg, such as "Shanghai Express" or "Blonde Venus."
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All of the Fred Astaire/Ginger Rogers RKO movies, or Poirot episodes - neither are about fashion, but they always take place in 'high society', and so there's lot of great dresses.

Also, it's a bit earlier (1920's) but she might enjoy the 'House of Elliott' BBC series, about a pair of sisters who start a dressmaking business. Wonderful styles.
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