A good haircut?
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Where can I get a good men's haircut (and style) in Las Vegas? (or Chicago?)

I'm a 22 year old guy. I basically have the same hairstyle I've always had. I need a haircut and would like to try something different. I want to find a place where I can explain my basic needs and then have someone else pick the cut, then show me how to style it. There isn't really any place I know of that I'd feel confident doing that.

I'm not someone who puts a whole lot of attention into his personal appearance. I want something that looks good and is functional.

I'm in Las Vegas right now. I'll be in Chicago in a week or two. I'd prefer to do it Friday while still in Las Vegas, but will wait until Chicago if I can't find any place good. I look at this as a one-time investment into trying something new, so price isn't a huge deal.

Any suggestions where to go? Please also include rough price and how much I ought to tip, as well as any other suggestions you may have.
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You should get it cut in whichever city you spend the most time in. No point in finding a great hairstylist in another town.

In Vegas, my husband was always quite happy with the salon at The Palms. But they're expensive (my husband had poker comps so that didn't matter to him).
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State Street Barber has been recommended in Chicago-- $20-25. I went there once, but switched to the $5 haircuts on the Northwest side because my hair is so easy.
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I really like Chicago Male Salon. They're super friendly, and they specialize in men's hair. Price depends on which stylist you get, the people that have been working longer cost more. Expect $30-50.

When I got my first haircut there I was transitioning from longhaired hippy to working stiff. I hadn't had a real haircut in years and the stylist I saw, and keep going back too (Drew), gave me a great short cut, and showed me how to style it multiple ways. He also said I could come back the next day and go even shorter for free if I decided I didn't like it.
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Belmont Barbershop. $15.
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OOH! OOH! After letting my hair grow out for months after a series of bad haircuts, I was in the exact same situation as you. I had no idea how I wanted it cut, so I basically described my level of maintenance (low) and what I didn't want (conservative), and let Bethany at Twisted Scissors here in Chicago go to town. She offered to adjust it later if I wasn't satisfied, but I couldn't possibly be happier with the result. Tell her "Scorey" sent you.
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Best haircut in Chicago: Gabby's on Lincoln, just north of Diversey. Ask for David. Tell him that Sam sent you.
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