Are there any Muay Thai themed xmas presents?
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My brother is going to Thailand for a 3 month Muay Thai training camp and I want to get him a themed or appropriate Christmas present. Any thoughts?

He's already doing the martial art here, but is fairly overweight so is using the training camp as a sort of extreme weightloss thing as well since he'll be removed from all temptation.

I've asked some Thai people I know for suggestions but all they could come up with was that everything so much cheaper in Thailand there's not much I could get him that he wouldn't find much cheaper when he gets there.

So, Muay Thai themed presents, or something that would come in handy in a training camp! All I can think of are Tony Jaa dvd's but he's already got those!
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How about a copy of the seminal Muy Thai book, "Your broken shins and you"?

Seriously though, the Thai people are probably right. Something muy thai themed is gonna be tough, but I honestly think you shouldn't get him that. If someone was moving to Japan, you wouldn't buy them sushi and a kimono. I suggest getting him something useful for someone going abroad for an extended period. This could be some practical travel gear (Razorblades, soap, opiates so he can sleep through the plane ride), something to remind him of home, or something that will be difficult or impossible to get in Thailand.
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Muy Thai training camp

A Costco sized bottle of advil?
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Some ideas:

An unlocked GSM quad-band phone (so he can just buy a Thai SIM card and pop it in)
Skype credit (if he's taking a laptop)
Cheap flip flops for going into the bathroom/shower area
"Me No Speak" picture phrase book
Some money already changed into Thai Baht for his wallet
A final nice meal before he leaves
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How about some muay thai shorts made from good quality material? Most of the ones you get in Thailand are made from rough synthetic material, and won't necessarily carry large sizes.
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Dont get him anything related to Muay Thai. Custom printed, good quality shorts cost around 500 baht there, even in fat assed farang sizes.

Give him some money to get a Sak Yant.
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a case of his favorite snack, and a few jars of tiger balm.
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Get him one of these heated lumbar wraps.

And if he doesn't have access to a microwave or electricity, how about the disposable version?
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I know just the things.

Krabi Krabong swords.

Or. See if you can find any books or videos that explain Wai Kru - the traditional Muay Thai ring entrance dance. There are many variants of the dance and an extensive history of each. the movements are integral to the art and one of the main concerns of Thai Boxing masters is the death of the artistic traditions. I know he'd dig it.
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