Can you identify this obscure American independent film?
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Can you identify this obscure American independent film? It aired seemingly incessantly on IFC circa 1998-1999, and at the time seemed to be of recent vintage. It was shot entirely in black and white, and concerned a love triangle between a dissolute art photographer recently returned to New York City, his jaded, long-suffering wife, and the teenage girl both of them are sleeping with. The girl convinces her wealthy parents to bankroll a show of the photographer's work, which they are dismayed to discover at the show's opening consists almost entirely of naked pictures of their daughter. I should hasten to add that this was not an especially good movie.
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Crap I know this movie. High Art?

imdb link
posted by spicynuts at 5:21 PM on January 10, 2005

On second thought, I think I'm wrong.
posted by spicynuts at 5:22 PM on January 10, 2005

Yes, you are wrong. In the same vein, though.
posted by jjg at 5:25 PM on January 10, 2005

can you think of anybody in it at all, or perhaps what other projects they were in?
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No, it wasn't the sort of production that would have recognizable actors in it.
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Perhaps it's Cleopatra's Second Husband? Note that I haven't seen that, but the description of it seems remarkably similar to the one your gave, (including the general godawfulness) and it came out at about the time you remember.
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Another good guess, but this one was definitely black and white.
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