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Good source for wigs for transvestites in the UK? What to look for and think about when getting a wig?

So a friend of mine is exploring his long time interest in cross dressing, awesome! He's looking for a wig, or maybe several wigs. He wants to look nice - not cheesy or tacky, but to express a gentle feminine side.

Where's a good place to get a wig? How much to pay? He's willing to pay for quality. Anything else he should consider?
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Perhaps a place to start would be wigs for women who've lost their hair - hopefully they would be the 'gently feminine' he's looking for? List of wig suppliers from Cancer research UK.
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The first rule about buying anything cross-dressing is really: stay away from shops that specifically "cater" for cross-dressers. They pretty much run on shame, and he'll get charged over the odds for anything he buys just because it's "safe" for him. The quality is no better than general, and unless he's looking for some really hardcore/specific stuff, most things like wigs are available elsewhere at better prices.

Another option is for him to start going to cross-dressing clubs/meets and sounding out the regulars. Many have years of experience with which wigs work best, and some members may have hardly worn or surplus wigs for sale at a good price. I know the idea of a secondhand wig doesn't sound particularly appealing, but if he's just starting out, maybe it's a good option til he knows what he prefers himself.
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