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Trying to find a hockey blog I came across during the last NHL season. I forgot to bookmark it, and Google is failing me. Hoping someone will read this description and know the one I'm talking about.

At some point towards the end of the 2008-09 NHL season, I came across a blog that I think was titled "Old-Time Hockey," though I could be wrong. What stuck out to me about the site, and the reason I'm trying to find it again, is that in the sidebar, the person running the blog had the NHL standings as they'd be if there were no shootouts or overtime loss points; I think those standings maybe have even not included regular-season overtime (so, just wins, losses, and ties).

Some other fuzzy details: I think it was hosted on Blogspot, and I also vaguely remember the layout being light text on a dark background, perhaps with orange as one of the colors?

Barring anyone knowing the blog I'm talking about, if anyone knows of a website that shows the standings the way I described, that would be great too.
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It was this blog:

They aren't doing it so far this year. They are on a temp. "hiatus."

This site:
says they have software to download that will update automatically from their db but I haven't tried it.

Hopefully The Old NHL will come back.

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Ah, shame they're not doing it yet, but thanks, I can stop racking my brain.

Also, go Isles, but you guys are playing the Rangers tonight, so go Caps indeed!
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