What was this itty bitty car?
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What the heck was this small, two seater (two car seats side by side) with three wheels and a completely open cab--not just a convertible, but no doors and no roof, that I saw driving down the road? It had turn signals, mirrors, license plate, etc. The guy driving it was wearing a lap belt and a helmet. It looked kind of like a Miata/four wheeler hybrid but had a model name on it...something like "sunfire" or "starfire", but I can't remember exactly. It also said "limited edition". I saw it in northern Virginia.
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Grinnall Scorpion?
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A T-Rex?
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I've seen this car in Northern Colorado as well, and it baffles me every time. The steering wheel column juts out awkwardly and gives it kind of a go-kart feel to me. It's not a type of motorcycle.
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The Scorpion III is very, very similar...possibly it was home built from a Scorpion kit.

It had a more rounded front end than the the T-Rex.
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Can Am Spyder?
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Some questions. What is the wheel arangement? Two in front, or two in rear? Any roll-over protection, like a roll bar or hoop?
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Oh, I bet it's the Stallion.
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Was it like this thing driven by Antwaan Randle El of the Washington Redskins?
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Ariel Atom?
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The Scorpion III is the by far the closest thing so far--if it wasn't a modified Scorpion it was really, really close. It was a two seater and had car/chair type seats. It had roll hoops over both seats. Thanks everyone.
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