Auction? What Auction?
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A house across the street from mine is going up for auction. Help me find out the details.

I live in Jefferson County, Colorado. The buzz in the neighborhood is that the house across the street is going up for auction tomorrow (that's what the current owner said in his neighborly goodbyes today). I'd like to find the details (I've never participated in an auction before).
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if it is a foreclosure auction, you typically don't have the auction on-site, it will be taking place in a warehouse somewhere, where people will be expected to arrive with either cash in hand or cashiers checks for the amount they are going to pay for the house.
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Response by poster: More specific: Is there some website somewhere that details 1) where the auction is held 2) The details of the property being auctioned 3) The financial expectations for buyers 4) starting bids?. I assume there would be more than one property being auctioned and it might be fun.
posted by shew at 8:05 PM on November 16, 2009 should have all the info. You're limited to about 3 or so searches a day on the free account, but that should be enough to get you the info you need.
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Best answer: Try the Public Trustee.
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Response by poster: Here's the link that gave the details... It was on the Public Trustee site from crush-onastick. Thanks!
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Caution: the above URL will resize your browser.

What IS the deal with local governments and bad web design?
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What IS the deal with local governments and bad web design?

See MeFi thread on web design at, or any very large entrenched organization.
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