I hate The Office
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What can I do with an business degree if I don't want to work in a typical business setting?

In about seven months, I will have a degree in Human Resource Management. While working on this degree, I have been employed by the IT department of my university and have had to sit a desk while editing policy manuals. When I graduate, I do not want to work at a desk, tied to a computer all day long. What jobs are available to a person with an HR degree who does not want to work in an office setting? I love working with people and I love fixing problems. I love teaching so I'm definitely exploring the training route. Any other ideas?
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Have you considered non-profit HR positions? My agency employees a few hundred. The HR department is small and their roles are quite diverse.
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As someone who got their start as an editor of policy manuals and writer of documents for government and educational institutions, I urge you to simply seek out work experience in other settings, such as small business, mid-sized business, the small office of a big business, consulting, self-employment, non-profits, social ventures...really, anywhere else. I thought I hated desk jobs till I got out of government and education environments.
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