.NEF file discrepancy
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Why does my version of Photoshop open the Nikon D700 images I have stored but not the D90 images?

I am currently using Photoshop CS4 (v 11.0 ) with an iMac (OS 10.6.1). I am trying to open the proprietary Nikon .nef files. I have no problem with the D700 files, but the D90 files are unrecognized by Photoshop. The Nikon D90 uses firmware version (A1.0, B1.0, L1.0), and I can't find any updates. The D700 was borrowed so I don't know the firmware version there. The files are stored on a WD My Passport and copied from the cameras SD card using the Dell Mini 9 lpia version of Ubuntu Linux.

Anyone have any thoughts?
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Best answer: Have you tried updating photoshop from the Adobe web page? Not sure if one camera is newer than the other, but for raw files, you need to download a new decoder thing for each camera. Older cameras will be covered. Probably help->update photoshop or something like that.
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Best answer: Sully is right. Both cameras might generate .nef files but to my knowledge that format varies slightly between all models. Google around and you should be able to find the update you need for it.
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Best answer: I concur with the above - each Nikon camera generates a slightly different RAW output, and some cameras are not supported by all versions.
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Best answer: What you need is the latest version of Adobe Camera Raw (ACR). Get it here.

If that does not solve the problem, try another NEF conversion progam to make sure the D90 files are not corrupted, like the free Nikon ViewNX, available here.
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Response by poster: Resolved! I'm besting everyone because it seems you were all correct. Thanks to all and to all a good night!
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