Where can I find a large glass goblet in Austin (or online)?
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Where can I find a large glass goblet in Austin (or online)?

So, due to an unfortunate Snuggie accident, I broke the bf's favorite drinking glass - a huge glass goblet. Seriously, this thing held about a liter of liquid, and pretty much had this shape.

I've looked around a little, but can't seem to find anything online or the few places I've looked locally. I'm in Austin, so if anyone has any suggestions of where I could find something like this, I promised I would replace it and want to make good on the promise.
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I feel like I've seen this sort of thing at Crate and Barrel. The one here says it holds 20 ounces, which is maybe 30% short, but maybe there is something bigger I haven't been able to find?
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oh weird. I was talking about the scary hugeness of this the other day. At least 750mL there.
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peachfuzz - Awesome! That is pretty much exactly what I'm looking for.
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I have the exact wine glasses linked in the OP -- got them at Crate & Barrel. There's one on 183 at Great Hills.
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(incidentally, the ones I got at C&B were classed as wine glasses rather than water goblets, and each holds about about half a bottle)
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