How much money does Apple receive for every iPhone sold?
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How much money is Apple actually making per iPhone?

I know for a 16GB iPhone 3G S it costs the user $199 with a 2-year-contract with AT&T. I know that AT&T pays a subsidy to Apple for every iPhone sold.

However, I can't seem to find information (however flaky) on how much AT&T is actually paying, or how much Apple is actually making.

I'm trying to compare the manufacture costs for the iPhone with the number apple is selling the iPhones for to figure out what Apple's profit is. Any information that could help me with that would be appreciated.

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Estimate: Around $216 per phone.
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I saw the number $550 floating around in an article this weekend.

"Consumers balked at the high upfront cost. By the second generation of the iPhone, Apple reverted to a traditional subsidy model. The iPhone that now costs consumers $199 actually costs AT&T about $550, according to analysts’ estimates. To cover the subsidy, the Internet price increased to $30 a month."

Source: Is There a Method in Cellphone Madness?, New York Times
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The $216 number quoted above is estimated profit, I believe.
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35-40% is the kind of margin Apple shoots for, so that $550/216 smells right.
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I swapped in a dead iPhone mere hours ago and they gave me a new one. The price was $229 and the rep told me that was their cost. Don't know if it's true or if he was trying to justify not lowering the ridiculous price for a device that was only coming with a 90 day warranty.
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Oh, and that was 229 canadian.
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I have wondered the same thing about iPods, as they have had a consistent price point of around $250 for years and have heard from travelers that hey sell for less in other countries.
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Some more datapoints from other countries, where the iPhone is sold as a standalone on prepaid plans:

In the UK on Orange, an 16GB iPhone 3gs is 440 GBP. 15% VAT means that is really 382 GBP, or $634.

In Australia on Vodaphone, the same phone is 929 AUD. 10% GST means that is really 844 AUD, or $731.

(Normally these are closer so maybe the recent currency fluctuations are screwing things up.)
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This article here from the WSJ talks about a potential licensing loophole that Apple enjoys on iPhone sales. They estimate Apple pays Foxconn $240 per phone and sells them to AT & T etc for $590.
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