More Foucault, heterotopias
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Does Foucault, or do any other another philosophers, expand upon what is said in "Des espaces autres" in any other publication?

Obviously, I'm looking for more academic reading on heterotopian concepts and definitions of other space.
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Foucault also discusses heterotopias in the preface to The Order of Things.

Also see Ke Hetherington's Badlands of Modernity: Heterotopia and Social Ordering, which applies the concept to architecture and the physical ordering of space.
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Have you looked at Edward Soja's Thirdspace? It might be a good take on this for you. I also like Edward Said's Orientalism for its conversations about the imagined geography of East and West. While I haven't read it, Dumm's work on Foucault might be worth your time as well.
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When I think Foucault and space, I think Giorgio Agamben and his writings on camps (camps where people are kept apart by the government or army). I think Homo Sacer would be the place to start for that (I'm no expert on Agamben, but I've read a bit and I think this is a good starting place. He also wrote a shorter article on Northern Cypress that might be good, but I couldn't find my citation for that).

If this seems along the line you are looking for, there is a very interesting ethnography by Liisa Malkki called Purity and Exile about Hutu refugees that might also be very interesting.

I skimmed the link you provided, and you could probably find a number of writings in anthropology by searching for "liminal spaces" that would talk about the first principle and to some degree many of the others as well.
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De Certeau (?)

Maybe Deleuze & Guattari on smooth vs. striated space?
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