What are my options for RSS Readers that are text only?
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What are my options for RSS Readers that are text only?

I use Bloglines to read my RSS feed, but I'm trying to find a reader that can strip away all the images and display only the text. The reason is that a lot of the blogs I like to keep up on tend to post a lot of NSFW pictures and I do most of my reading at work. The mobile version of Bloglines worked for awhile, but lately has started displaying pictures too.

Anyone have any recommendations on how I can keep up with my literary porn while working for an ever watchful boss?
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I haven't tried it yet but I'd go with, take a beat, emacs!
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If you're on a mac you could use a standalone RSS reader like NetNewsWire where you can set your own CSS attributes and set all images, alternately, to hide or not hide. There may be a good similar solution for the PC but I'm not as familiar with them.
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Another option on the Mac or Linux is newsbeuter. Simple to use, runs on the console.
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How about just something online like Google Reader, but with images disabled in the browser (might be able to do it with Greasemonkey)?
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Thunderbird with remote images set to "not load" would do it I think.
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I use AdBlock in Firefox to block images in my feeds so everything loads faster. It takes a bit of time to "teach" it what to block, but the results are worth it.
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I do exactly this at work with Thunderbird. I never get accidental pictures appearing. At a (very brief) glance, it looks like Outlook or some other email program, and no one's ever been suspicious.
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Under Linux, newsbeuter is a console rss app, but presumably you need a windows app, in which case using newsticker.el under emacs maybe your best choice if you want to keep the reading low profile.

Or just use a standard app with images blocked as others have suggested.
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