Custom view for flagged emails in Entourage?
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Custom view for flagged emails in Entourage? I could set up folders, as this article suggests. But I'd like a one-click solution. Is there a one-click method of setting a message's priority to "high"? Then I could make a custom view for high-priority messages.

Perhaps the other method would be to create various categories instead: "respond soon," "archive," "waiting," etc. Are there one-click ways of setting a message's category?

I get a lot of emails...

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Response by poster: Perhaps I should rephrase this better:

1. Is there a way of, with one click, either rating an email's priority, appending it to a particular category, or sending it to a folder?

2. If not, what is the easiest way of marking an urgent message?

Entourage 11.2.1

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