Where did this chimney sweep waltz?
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Please help me identify this scene/sketch.

I am haunted by a memory of a scene/sketch from childhood. It was a chimney sweep waltzing with a woman in an elaborate pink satin ballgown in a Victorian-style parlor. This was not Mary Poppins. For years, I thought maybe I'd seen it on "The Electric Company" or some such children's program, but I've never found any reference to it. I'm pretty sure it was not in a movie. I've been trying to find this one my own for years, but I clearly need help. Does anyone else have any memory of this? I would be so appreciative.
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Vaguely reminds me of a Carol Burnett skit. How old are you?
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I am 33.
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And as it's probably relevant: I grew up in the US.
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Could it be this?
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Could it be this?

Which is rendition of this, I assume. There's a somewhat famous french animated movie from 1980 (Le roi et l'oiseau) that includes this story as a subplot, and was apparently quite popular on home video under various names. There are quite a few clips of it from it on YouTube; you might want to check if you recognize the visuals.
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