Help me find these grey boots elsewhere. Or other disressed leather boots!
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I've fallen head-over-heels in love with these gray boots from the Sundance catalogue. I love the color, the heel, the shape, and the overall style. They feel very me. But they're almost $300 when you include their exorbitant shipping fees. Ouch. Any suggestions on other similar boots or how to find these elsewhere?

I'm totally willing to pay for great shoes. But these just feel overpriced with some kind of "Sundance Premium" when similar boots on Zappos and Endless go for $150-$200. And the Sundance shipping policies are really bothersome - the shipping for these boots is $21.95. If the sizing is wrong, I'll be out quite a bit of money.

Apparently they're not exclusive to Sundance. Have you ever seen these boots elsewhere? Or can you recommend really similar boots? Not just Blundstone pull-ons, but similar in material and shape? So many options seem to have the pointy-toed cowboy shape or the more formal squared-off toe. I like that these look somewhat distressed but also a bit stylish.
- I've tried these Frye Jaden Chelsea -- they are also my style, but a bit more heft/presence than I'm used to. The toe is also much pointier than it looks in those photos.
- The Engineer style of boots that seem to be ubiquitous right now are also another option, but these grey boots seem to fit into my aesthetic a bit more.
- I'm a (dykey/boyish) woman so I'm into both women's and men's shoes, but a very masculine shoe profile looks a bit out of place when paired with my everyday attire.

Any suggestions for similar boots under $150 or $200? Or do you know how to find these non-exclusive boots?

Admittedly I am kind of picky and if this is my only option, I'll probably wait for a sale or bite the bullet. But if you have any other leads, I would be incredibly grateful.
posted by barnone to Shopping (24 answers total) 8 users marked this as a favorite has a nice visual search function; see if you can find any alternatives here.

(sorry about the pop-unders...)
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Is the elasticky/stretchy part along both sides of the boot important? I've seen some without that feature, but not so many with.
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These look a lot like Blundstone boots. Granted, I've never owned a pair but all of my friends that have raved about them. Unfortunately, from a quick perusal of their site I didn't seen any in grey, but perhaps I missed something. They were the first thing that popped into my mind when I saw the linked pic. Hope this helps.
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Response by poster: Someone suggested these Frye Fulton Chelsea boots which are also nice looking and really close to those Sundance boots. There's a 30% discount at Piperlime coming up so those are a good contender.

Elastic on both sides of the boot probably isn't super important. I like the ease of slip-on more than a zipper, but would probably even consider no elasticky-bits.
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6pm has some that are a bit pointy, more cowboy-ish, and slightly more funky Naots than the Sundance ones. I'm partial to the Naots (their shoes are very comfortable.)
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Did you check the brands listed in this thread ?
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Best answer: Have you ever seen something that just rings true? Something just so you that it feels like a gift that it even exists? Have you ever scrimped and saved, like a good boy (in my case) should, and then, at the very last minute, realize they are...gone. Out of stock. Disappeared. Vanished from the planet like they were some sort of cruel joke just to make you realize how incredibly short life is, how money is easier to make or save than some things are to find.

Yeah. Me too. And you have probably gone and spent just over half what these cost on two pairs you didn't like even half as much. Plus, they are shoes. They last, and amortized over 5 years, they are practically free to wear each day.

Life is short.

Also...don't pay any attention to me. My advice is crap when it comes to budgeting.
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They look like Blundstone boots to me, too. Also called "blunnies", and you can see boots that look like this if you search for "jod boots" - a quick Google search makes it seem like "jod boots" is an English name for them, and lots of equestrian/riding supply companies carry them. Gray does seem to be an outlier, tho. And I agree - the Sundance Tax is egregious. Good luck!
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I came here to recommend the Blundstone's that FriendlyJuan pointed out. I do know that sometimes Sundance's products can be found elsewhere for much cheaper. Keep googling, and I'll keep an eye out. They are gorgeous.
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I can see the difference between these and Blunnies - these are a bit more formal. And, grey! Not like Blunnies at all, except for the jod boot/chelsea boot side gores.

A couple things about Sundance: they have EXCELLENT sales. I'd keep checking back until these get marked down. I've picked up Frye and Camper boots via Sundance for around $80 a pair instead of the usual $200=plus. But yeah, their shipping costs are criminal.

Also, you can call them, or use their live chat, and ask what brand they are. Tell them you need to know for sizing, since shoe manufacturers are notoriously inconsistent. The Sundance folks have always been super helpful with this sort of info.

And, dang. Now you've got me wanting new $300 boots!
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Ooh these are pretty and kinda distressed.
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what about the frye engineer boots?
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Sundance had this insane 50% off sale last year right before thanksgiving. It might be worth waiting. I agree that the shipping is ridiculously exorbitant. But I also know that trying to buy something that isn't what you want means you buy 4 pairs of boots you hate from Payless or whatever and in the end you just end up spending the money anyway.

I am having this issue right now with a pair of Fluevogs I want. I know I will wear them EVERY DAY. But I have made certain financial choices lately which rules out a pair of $229 shoes. However, I cannot find anything even remotely close in terms of style, quality and comfort. So I am cutting some things out of my budget somehow and putting the cash away.
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Just wanted to say 1) I've never regretted buying a pair of Frye boots and 2) they tend to go on sale all over the place after Christmas, if you can wait.
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Target has a lot of short gray boots right now. I've actually had good experiences with Target shoes, even boots--they don't last forever, but you can get a few years out of them.
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Also, these are super awesome. Free People has some other short boots, too, as does Anthropologie.
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Best answer: Found em!!!!
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Best answer: Cheaper here, too.
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Best answer: Cheaper here, too.

Argh! I spent ~30 min. on Endless trying to find those! barnone, note that Endless has free shipping and a great return policy.
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Response by poster: OMG. You guys just made me cry! After reading nickjadlow's response and realizing they just looked like they were made for me, I knew I'd regret not getting them if they sold out. So then I resolved to wait until Thanksgiving and see if there was a sale.

I know it's ridiculous to get hung up on a pair of boots. I'm not one for fashion and I rarely buy expensive things for myself. But I love them. They love me. These boots were made to walk with me. After being sick for 10+ months these were something like a bribe to get back into the world, feeling good about myself again.

But $300 on a miniscule salary was just hard to stomach, or $40 on crappy shipping charges if the size was wrong.

8dot3 totally just went on a mission to find these. I've totally done that before on AskMe and it feels amazing that someone else just did the same. Seriously, I can't wait to get them in the mail.

BEST PART: they're running a discount. So they're $165 with free overnight shipping. TAKE THAT SUNDANCE! (but seriously Endless, get with the photography program, jeesh :-) I've always wanted a pair of BED:STU boots too. I really cannot believe it!

I'll end this soliloquy here. But thanks everyone, especially 8dot3. You have no idea how happy you've just made me. They'll be here Thursday!
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Response by poster: Oh and thanks for all the other suggestions too. Found some other beauties that would surely love to come home with me -- perhaps another day, now that I just saved about 50% on these. I'm drunk with glee! Who else wants some shoes?

Finally, as a reward for all you shoe fools: I might have a bunch of 30% off coupons for Banana Republic / Piperlime (and Gap?) that are only valid Nov. 12 - 15. Memail me with an email address if you want one and promise to use it.
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I have some boots that are exactly like that, but brown. They're Timberlands, and I got them several years ago, but they may still have them.
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Yay! I'm totally thrilled you are getting them. I hope they bring you and your feet happy joy.
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Oh, yay!
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