Who outsources to Cleveland, anyway?
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Apparently I am one of the freelancers whose profiles Outsourcingroom.com (allegedly) stole from elance. Unfortunately, the Outsourcingroom.com profile appears very high in Google searching for my name. How can I get Google to remove this badness from their index?

Outsourcingroom.com (as you will see if you google them) is an...organization that has -- allegedly -- stolen thousands and thousands of freelancers' profiles from Elance.com via a security breach last July. Elance is all "sure, we're concerned and we patched the hole", which, whatever. And I suppose stuff like this is the risk one takes when using the Internets for work stuff.

I've requested that Outsourcingroom.com remove my profile, although I don't seem to be able to remove it myself (because I can't log in. Because I don't have login information. Because I didn't create the profile) and maybe that will work. If it doesn't, I doubt I can do much elance hasn't already done.

But I don't like having Outsourcingroom.com/chesty_a_arthur come up when someone looks for me, pushing down other legitimate hits. Any ideas for red-flagging this site with Google? Do you know where this kind of thing falls within their policies?
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When Googling my name, the Outsourcing.com entry is perhaps the third-ranked link. And I've never even heard of Elance.com before.
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Response by poster: Yeah, it's possible they stole data from somewhere else, too. When I googled them most of the complaints seemed to be about Elance, where I do have an account.
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