thunder road cover mp3?
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Please help me find an mp3 (mp4?) of Badly Drawn Boy's cover of Thunder Road.

There is a youtube video but I'd like to get a copy of it as an mp3 if possible. Amazon and itunes don't have it, I'd like to actually purchase it rather than just find it wherever it if it's available, as mp3 or cd (preferable but it's not on any of BDB's albums as far as I know) or whatever.
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Best answer: Do you mean a recording for this specific version of the song from the performance you linked? If so, it's fairly easy to download the mp4 file directly from YouTube. From their you can use something like Quicktime Pro to convert the file to .wav and then .mp3. QT Pro isn't free but there might very well be an open source option that does the same thing.
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Response by poster: No dhammond, I wasn't necessarily looking for that version, any version by BDB will probably be in the same style, which I really liked. I'm afraid greasemonkey scripts and bookmarklets and all that are not really comfortable territory for me. I just want to buy the song.
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I don't know much about Badly Drawn Boy, but a lot of times getting a song this way is about the only way to get such a cover.
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Well, their website says you can get your hands on exclusive music and merchandise by signing up for their official newsletter...
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I just want to say that if you like covers of Thunder Road, the one Bonny Prince Billy did with Tortoise is really great. It's on the album Tortoise did called The Brave and the Bold. You should be able to find mp3s of it pretty easy if you'd like.
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Best answer: You'll find BDB's version on Uncut Magazine's cover CD in the April 2003 issue. The CD is a Bruce Springsteen tribute album also featuring John Wesley Harding, Patty Griffin, The Band, Townes Van Zandt and others. You can nab a copy of the CD for around $10 at Amazon.
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Best answer: You can download the mp3 directly here.
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Best answer: I'll be glad to email the song to you if you can wait until I get home from work at about 7:00 pm (US Central). Just pm me your email address if that works for you.
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And by pm, of course I meant MeFiMail.
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Response by poster: Wow you guys are great. Thank you turkeyphant for the idiotproof download, thank you mesh gear fox for the offer, thank you to two others who offered via memail to help me, and thank you to prinado for the heads-up on the tribute album. That actually does have a different BDB version, so I'm very very happy to get this acoustic guitar version ... but I did go ahead and buy the tribute album anyway =)
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