Treasure Hunting around Richmond
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Richmond VA Filter: Can you recommend any good fun antique shops in the Richmond area? Ones with good estate jewelry, coins, & historical artifacts (civil war buttons and the like)? Preferably one that has reasonable prices and the opportunity for haggling. We went to the Virginia Bazaar last weekend but were disappointed by the lack of good stuff and the inundation of sports paraphernalia & generic yard sale type items. We don't mind a little Sunday drive, say 45min to an hour from Richmond City. Thanks!
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Have you gone a little further North from the VA Bazaar to Fredericksburg? Old Town (Princess Anne and Caroline Streets) has quite a few antique shops. I'm not an antiquer so I really can't vouch for how good they are, but if you ventured that far up 95 then it might be worth the other 20 minutes to get to Fredericksburg.
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2nding Fredericksburg. I live here, Old Town is a nice day trip. Plenty of antique shops (at least a dozen) and I know I've seen civil war stuff in at least two or three of them. When you are ready for a break there are lots of non-chain choices for a snack. I would recommend Kybecca for a glass of wine and something to eat.
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This place is fun to poke around in, and a drive on Route 301 is scenic - through Frog Level, among other small towns. If you are treasure hunting for someting specific, give a call first. This is North of Richmond by about fifteen miles.
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Response by poster: Thanks Everyone! Any more suggestions?
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I can't help you out with suggesstions about coins and historical artifacts, but I can with the jewelry and just all around great antique stores. I live in Richmond and antique shopping is my obsession. If you are looking for good estate jewelry the two best places by far are Bygones and Halcyon. They're also great places for amazing vintage clothing. As far as good antique malls, I suggest West End Antique Mall, Midlothian Antique Center, and Cold Harbor Antique Mall.
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