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how can i combine multiple AD domains into one directory for application authentication? can i use ADAM?

we have some applications that need to authenticate users against our AD. we have 3 domains that are not child domains of any one master domain. the application can only use one directory at at time. can these 3 AD domains be combined into one directory, using ADAM or some other LDAP application?
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The native AD authentication functionality is what is missing in the ADAM product so assuming that is what you are using in the application, ADAM won't work for you. If the application was setup to use LDAP binds as its test for authentication then yes you could use a product like ADAM to be a meta-directory or an enterprise level directory.

Another solution would be to put in a proper Active Directory topology that enabled trusts between the domains or collapsed the existing domains or added a Forest or etc. With this approach I highly recommend working with someone who can articulate the pros and cons of the different solutions based on your individual needs.
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Response by poster: thanks, i think the app just uses ldap binds; it is binding to our AD since we dont have any other directory. of course i would like to rearchitect our AD topology correctly, but am looking for a quicker solution.
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