What organizations should I join in the Boston Metro area to improve my networking?
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What organizations should I join in the Boston Metro area to improve my networking?

Living a bit south of Boston so thinking of joining some organizations for networking reasons as well as to meet people. South as far as Weymouth, West as far as Newton, but probably not farther north than Cambridge/Boston. So far have thought of the Masons, whom I worried would all be old but looking at some lodge photos that doesn't appear to be the case, and Toastmasters (I enjoy speaking but feel as if I could improve my content and practice never hurts). What organizations am I missing?

Important data: Married so letting women in or having a sister organization is a bonus, 35, professional, possibly interested in going into politics sometime in the next couple years (local/state office first).
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This might be too nerdy/old money/weird for you, but the Boston Athenaeum has a discounted membership price for those under 40. Could be a good way to get to know some people in the academic/Boston Brahmin world, plus I hear their monthly afternoon teas are excellent.
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I made the same comment when you asked a similar question last month, but, honestly, a MeFi meetup is a great place to meet people from all walks of life. There are a lot of scientists, artists, professionals, students and others of all stripes, the vast majority of whom are interesting.

You don't tell us what your profession is, but I assume that you're connected in the local trade organization. There are also a number of interesting groups in Boston and environs that are related to a number of fields--If you're an architect, come to the urban planning meetup, and vice versa. If you're a lawyer, come to the chamber of commerce. More details would be helpful.
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Response by poster: Yes I am asking roughly the same question although this is after a little research and seriously considering the Masons and Toastmasters. FYI I am in marketing, but also have worked in the events industry and film/tv production. There are a number of meet-ups and such but its hard to tell which ones are actually worth it and which ones are not. I am afraid of drowning in the non-worthwhile ones.
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Response by poster: So I should add: seriously should I join the Masons and/or Toastmasters...anyone have any experiences?
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The Association of Strategic Planning has events about once a month (I know because I help organize some) and one of the more recent ones was focused on marketing. Apparently it's full of business professionals of all kinds. (Next event is Tuesday.)

You don't need to be a member to attend an event, though the registration would be more expensive. There are often refreshments after, so there's a chance to network and exchange business cards --- faculty at business schools also attend the events (or at least some of mine do) and are sometimes more well connected to industry professionals than some industry professionals. Also a chance to talk to the speaker. Just another avenue to pursue.
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Here is a page of resources in Boston that may be of interest, this is geared toward the tech/startup industry in Boston, but there is some overlap there with marketing. Plus, networking is networking.
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Rotary. And if you are sincerely interested in politics, now is the time to jump into party organizational work. The contacts can't be beat.
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