What are your favorite blogs/news sources/analysis on Iraq?
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I'm heading to Iraq in several months and I'm looking for great sources of information on the country. This could include: - Political, cultural, etc blogs - Blogs from servicemen/civilians working in Iraq - News analysis - Iraqi blogs (they can be English or Arabic - I read both!) - Backgrounders or historical analysis Be creative! What do YOU read to find out about Iraq? I'd love to hear about it. Thanks for your input in advance!
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Modern history:

Fiction: The Sirens of Baghdad

Reality: Imperial Life in the Emerald City; Generation Kill.
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Baghdad Burning was perhaps the most prominent blog during the invasion, and it's still up and running. "Girl Blog from Iraq... let's talk war, politics and occupation."
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The Sandbox has some great milblogs - both Iraq and Afghanistan.
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For historical background, The Shi'is of Iraq by Yitzhak Nakash is excellent and has been reissued with a 2003 introduction; you can investigate it at Google Books.
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I liked this article on the destruction and rebuilding of Baghdad's historic bookselling street (and the literary culture of Iraq).

I don't know if music is relevant to you, but I recently discovered this blog on the Iraqi maqam, a style of traditional music. For a sample of Iraqi music you could check out vol. 4 of the amazing Music of Islam series.

A great Iraqi album in a different style (solo oud improvisation, sort of like classical guitar) is Le Luth de Bagdad by Naseer Shamma, which tells a "story" from the Gulf War without lyrics. (There's quite a lot of him on YouTube as well.) His teacher was the great Munir Bashir, who was a bit like the Ravi Shankar of Arabic music.
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Iraq doesn't exist in a vacuum - I suggest picking up some books covering regional issues. Its relations with neighboring countries, particularly the Iran-Iraq war are a big part of the political arena there. Robert Fisk's "The Great war for Civilization" is worth reading, particularly the parts detailing the US's support of Saddam during the 1980-1988 war. Also pick up a few books on the US-British coup against Mossadeqh in Iran in the mid 1950s. There's a good selection available on Amazon.
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Also on YouTube, Al Jazeera English has this documentary on the effect of religious conflict in Baghdad (from April '09) and lots of other stuff that I haven't watched.
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