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Bamboo. I am in Merida, MX., with access to lots of long, tough bamboo, 1-3" thick. I would like to try working w/ thinner, and more flexible STRIPS of it, to weave or build furniture. Using the full, round pieces does not interest me; too heavy, bulky, rigid and looks bad. But when I ask about cutting or stripping it, i just get blank stares. Cut in 1/2, ok, but thinner, lighter, no. I have bamboo baskets from other parts of Mexico, so it is done here. Any ideas on getting more mileage from this cheap, abundant material?
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Could you take the full/ larger round pieces and split them? It would seem like a simple way of getting exactly the width strip you want from nearly any sized piece. It's been a while since I worked with bamboo, but IIRC splitting it involves a sharp wedge applied to the end and struck and then gently moved down the split/ channel formed continuing to strike when needed. This site seems to talk about it a bit as well.
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Kite makers have dozens of ways to split bamboo. Try googling bamboo kites. try here
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This page on making a bamboo fly rod shows you how to split the cane.
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This should help--even has video.
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Hmmm, forgot AskMeFi doesn't auto hyperlink URLs...

Lets try that again.
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You need a bamboo splitter. They look like this.
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