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Can anyone recommend an optometrist in Columbus, Ohio?

My husband needs glasses and has been putting it off for years. He would also like contact lenses. Can anyone recommend a good optometrist in Columbus, Ohio who also carries a good selection of frames? Is there anything in particular we should be looking for? He has VSP vision insurance, if that helps.
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I've been going to see Dr. Hirt at Columbus Vision Associates for years now, and he's great.

They seem to have a good selection of lenses there, but I normally get my contacts/glasses online.
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EyeDesigns in Grandview.
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seconding eyedesigns.
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For what it's worth, Eye Designs didn't give me my prescription until I explicitly asked for it, and I had to ask again to get them to put down my pupilary distance. I was also talked out of frames I really liked because they were "wrong for my face", likely because they didn't care or realize I like geeky glasses.

The actual exam was fine. I'm addicted to buying glasses online, also, so I am not a good representative sample. They do take VSP. VSP should have a list of doctors you can use on the website.
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