Help me find Kaya (coconut milk spread from Malaysia) in Seattle, WA or the US.
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Where can I find this delicious Malaysian Coconut Milk Spread called "Kaya King" in Seattle, WA or anywhere else in the United States/Canada?

My friend brought me back this amazing coconut milk spread from Malaysia that is great on toast called "kaya" that's made by the company "Kaya King."

I live in Seattle, WA. Where can I buy this either locally or get it shipped to me or imported?

Any leads/tips or friendly people who live in Malaysia welcome :)

It's also distributed in Singapore.
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You might try calling Uwajimaya or any of the many Asian food grocers in the International District and elsewhere around Seattle.
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I found something very similar (not the same brand) in a mom-and-pop grocery store in San Francisco, so I bet you could find it around Seattle. (I tasted it at a Singaporean friend's house, and she told me it was easy to find in the US, although she got her family to bring tons of it over when they visited.)

Look for Asian markets in your neighborhood and ask around. Good luck!
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I've found cans of kaya in a smaller non-chain Chinese supermarket in Silicon Valley. I'll be back later with the brand name. (It's not King although ironically, that's the name of the store where I found it, here.)
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Uwajimaya might do it and would probably be your best bet if you're in downtown. There are also several very large Asian supermarkets in both the north and south ends of town--a truly ginormous one up on Aurora somewhere, Viet Wah on MLK in the Rainier Valley, and The Great Wall Mall/market down by Ikea in Renton.

There are also about fifty-eleven smaller mom and pop Asian supermarkets in the city, definitely fun to check out. Some of my favorites are Maruta Shoten in Georgetown (Japanese--most amazing takeout bento in town, too); Seattle Super Market on Beacon and Columbian Way (Chinese); and can't remember the name, but a Vietnamese market that celebrated 20 years in business at Rainier and Walden. If nothing else you can find lots of other cool stuff while you're looking for your kaya!
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Large Asian grocery stores here in SF carry a couple of brands of kaya so I'd expect large Asian grocers in Seattle would have it as well. If they sort products by region (e.g., Korean in this aisle, Japanese over there), it would be in the Malaysia/Singapore/Indonesia section, which is often lumped together with Thai stuff. Or look for a specifically Southeast Asian - as opposed to Chinese - food store.
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It doesn't seem too hard to make yourself.
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> a truly ginormous one up on Aurora somewhere

Are you thinking of 99 Ranch?
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I've definitely seen this carried at TNT as well as at many smaller Asian grocers all over Greater Vancouver.
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I have not tried that brand before, but it looks like "Kaya King" is a Srikaya jam. If I am right, Srikaya jam is very common in South East Asia. A different brand is available in VietWah or Ranch 99. Look for it at the Indonesian shelf/aisle. Or try ordering it online. Make sure you read the expiration dates :). Not affiliated with that merchant nor have any experience with it, just plain google-fu.
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The place where I found it's so close I popped in and took a picture of the cans on a shelf -- the local brand name is Yeo's, distributed by YHS Trading out of the City of Industry.
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I love Yeo's kaya! Soooo good. best thing on toast ever.

you can order it here.

yeo's sweet chili sauce is also amazing. Try it on lasagna :)
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